Articles of Organization

Chapter 1 General
1-1 < Name >
This association is referred to as the General Incorporation PLAJA.
1-2 < Office >
This association puts their principal office in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture.

Chapter 2 Purpose and business
2-1 < Purpose >
This association promotes cultural exchange between Thailand and foreign countries. Also it supports the safety and security of members life.
And to continue to manage the memorial service for Indian Ocean Tsunami victims and to take care of the monument.
It is intended to contribute to the activity of the international exchange and local safety.
2-2 < Business >
This association runs following business in order to achieve its aim in the preceding article.
(1) Consultation and support activities for Thai people who need to acquire vocational training and techniques in Japan.
(2) Recruitment and dispatch volunteer instructors whom Phuket Athletic Association requires.
(3) ICT device trouble support and homepage creation for the members.
(4) General life counseling and support and promote activities related to safety and health for the members.
(5) Consultation and support activities for the Thai spouse was widowed with Japanese spouse.
(6) Management of the memorial service of Indian Ocean tsunami victims and the monument, as well as fund-raising activities.
(7) Management of multi-purpose space and accommodation.
(8) Other activities necessary to achieve the aim of the association.

Chapter 3 The partners and members
3-1 < Member categories >
The member of this association is the following two type of membership.
A partner of this association is based on regular member by the law.
(1) Regular members:individuals who joined in support to the purpose and business of this association.
(2) Supporting members:individuals or organizations and companies that have joined for supporting the business of this association.
3-2 < Admission >
To become a member of this association apply the president by the application form.
The president must admit the membership unless there is any specific reason.
In case of disapprove of joining, it must notify the person in writing that reasoned quickly.
3-3 < Admission fee and membership fee >
A member shall pay the membership fee in the general meeting of members.
3-4 < Invalidation of membership >
The right of membership will be invalidation in relevant the following case.
(1) When there is an offer of withdrawal.
(2) When a member dies, or the assoication is no longer existing.
(3) When a member fail to pay membership fee for more than one year.
(4) when it is expelled.
3-5 < Withdrawal >
When attempting to resign from the association optionally anytime by submitting to that reason to the president in writing.
3-6 < Dismissal from membership >
A member in the case where any of the following is true, it is possible to expel a membership by two thirds of the regular members assent in the General Assembly.
In this case with respect to its members, it must be given the opportunity of explanation prior to the voting.
(1) When it is violated laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, etc.
(2) Damage to the honor of this association, against the spirit of the establishment or when it is the act of disturbing the order.
3-7 < Non-return of contribution money and goods >
Non refund of membership fee that has already been paid and the other of the contribution money and goods.

Chapter 4 General meeting of members / General assembly
4-1 < Constitution >
The General Assembly will be shall consist of all of the regular members.
4-2 < Authority >
The General Assembly to resolve the following matters.
(1) Business activity plan and balance the budget which includes all revenues and expenditures.
(2) The business report and balance sheet activities.
(3) Expulsion of member.
(4) Appointment or dismissal of the director, duties and remuneration.
(5) Rates of admission fee and membership fee.
(6) Change of the Articles of Incorporation.
(7) Amalgamation.
(8) Attribution of residual assets in case of dissolution.
(9) Debt (excluding short-term borrowings to be redeemed with a revenue of the business fiscal year.) Abandonment of the burden and rights of new obligations.
(10) Organization and operation of the Secretariat.
(11) Other important matters concerning the operation.
4-3 < Held the assembly >
The General Assembly will be held once every year in May as the annual general meeting of members.
Extraordinary General Meeting will be held from 1/5 of full members total number when there is a claim of convened by the document stating the purpose of the meeting.
4-4 < Convocation >
The General Assembly Chairman to convene unless otherwise provided for in laws and regulations.
4-5 < The president >
The president of this association corresponds to chair the General assembly.
4-6 < Voting right >
Voting rights in the General Assembly be one per one regular member.
4-7 < Decision >
The General Assembly of the decision is carried out by a majority of the voting rights of regular members.
Regular member with a majority of the voting rights of all full members should be in attendance.
(Exception) As the following decision is carried out in a number that corresponds to two thirds of the voting rights of the total regular members there in more than half of the total active membership.
(1) Expulsion of member.
(2) Change of the Articles of Incorporation.
(3) Dissolution.
(4) Other matters stipulated by laws and regulations.
In the case where the director or regular member has a proposal on the matters that are the purpose of the General assembly,
when all members of the regular member per the proposal was the intention of the consent in writing or electromagnetic record,
the General Assembly to the effect that to approve such proposalIt assumed that there is a decision.
4-8 < The minutes of a meeting >
For the General Assembly of the proceedings to create the proceedings pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations.
President and attended directors to sign and seal the preceding minutes.

Chapter 5 Directors
5-1 < Installation of directors, election methods, etc >
Put more 3 to 10 directors in this association.
Directors shall be elected by the decision from the general meeting of members.
It will be selected by the board of directors of mutual vote one person out of the director as a representative director.
It will be the representative director as a president of this association.
Two person of vice president will be elected by directors with the exception of the president.
If directors are more than 4 person, Vice president will be selected by mutual election of directors.
The total number of directors do not supposed to be included more than one third of the total number of directors who is a person a special relationship to the provisions of the board of directors.
(1) Spouse of the director.
(2) Relatives within the third degree of the board of directors.
(3) Not the report of the board of directors and marriage, but who is in the same circumstances and facts on the marital relationship.
(4) Servants of the board of directors.
(5) Person maintained a livelihood by money or other assets received from the board of directors.
(6) Spouse or the third degree within relatives who maintain a livelihood with the person (3).
5-2 < Director of the duties and authority >
Directors performing duties pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations and these Articles of Incorporation.
President has presided over its work on behalf of this corporation pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations and these Articles of Incorporation.
Vice president assist the President. If the president is not able to preside over the work, Vice president take over duties on behalf of the president.
5-3 < Directors term of office >
Director of the term of office completed within two years after the election.
To expire at the annual general meeting of members of the termination for the last business year.
The term of office of elected director to fill a vacancy shall be the time to expiration of the term of the predecessor.
When it is no longer enough to constant set forth in Article 5-1, Director has the rights and obligations until the appointment a person who was also newly elected after retired by expiration or resignation of the term.
5-4 < Dismissal of an director >
Director is the case that fall under any of the following may be dismissed by general meeting of members of a decision.
In this case, it must be given the opportunity of defense prior to voting against its director.
(1) when there is not suitable act as breach other director on the duties.
(2) When it is recognized that it is not bear in the performance of duties for the mind and body of failure.
5-5 < Remuneration of directors >
It is possible to give a reward to the director.
However, the number of those who receive the remuneration of the directors must be less than one-third of the total number of directors.
The director can be reimbursed for expenses required for the performance of their duties.
Matters necessary for the aforementioned case, President determined separately through a decision of the general meeting.
5-6 < Staff >
It is possible to put the Secretary-General and other officials in the association to handle the affairs of this association.
Secretary-General and other officials shall be appointed by the president.

Chapter 6 Assets and accounting
6-1 < Fiscal year >
Fiscal year of this association be from every 1st April until 31st March of the following year.
6-2 < Business report and financial statements >
After the end of each fiscal year, representative director has to be submitted to the annual general meeting of members to create the following documents.
It must be reported its contents of the document of No.1 and it must be approved for the documents of the No. 2 and No. 3.
(No.1) Business Report
(No.2) Balance Sheet
(No.3) Statements of Income (net worth increase and decrease statement)
Documents that received the report or approval and the Articles of Incorporation and active membership roster are kept in the principal office and secondary offices.
6-3 < Non-distribution of surplus >
The association does not perform the distribution of surplus.

Chapter 7 The Fund
7-1 < Contribution of the Fund >
This corporation can be used to determine the contribution of the fund to the member or a third party according the law of General incorporation No.131.
7-2 < Recruitment of the Fund >
It will be determined by consensus of all directors for handling of fund such as recruitment, allocation, payment or return.
7-3 < Fund contribution’ rights >
Fund contributors of this association have the right to obtain the return of the date after the fund provided for in fund contribution contract.
7-4 < Return of the Fund >
Return to the contributors of the fund is carried out in accordance with consensus of all directors after it passed through a decision of the Annual general meeting of members about the total amount of funds to be refunded.

Chapter 8 Articles of Incorporation and dissolution
8-1 < Change of the Articles of Incorporation >
The Articles of Incorporation can be changed by the general meeting of members of a decision of the Chapter 4 Article 7.
8-2 < Dissolution >
The corporation will be dissolved by reason stipulated in the decision and other laws and regulations of the general meeting of members of the Chapter 4 Article 7.
8-3 < Attribution of residual assets >
Residual assets with in the case of this association to the liquidation shall be bestowed through a decision of the general meeting of members to the corporation or national or local governments according Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra corporation and Law No. 5, Article 17 on the certification.

Chapter 9 Method of public notice
9-1 < Method of public notice >
Public notice of this association is carried out by the method will be posted to the public of the easy-to-see location of the principal office.

Chapter 10 Supplementary Provisions
10-1 < Founding directors of the name and address >
Founding directors of the name and address of the association are as follows.
Mr. Hiromichi Kanke
3-15-23 #201 Nishi Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi, Saitama
Mr. Keisuke Kagemoto
7-4-4 Matsue, Edogawa, Tokyo
Mr. Hajime Ohno
30 Shimo, Fussa, Tokyo, c/o Yoshida
10-2 < Officer at the time of establishment >
Founding director and founding representative director of the association shall be as follows.
Mr. Hiromichi Kanke
Mr. Keisuke Kagemoto
Mr. Hajime Ohno
Representitive director Mr. Hiromichi Kanke
10-3 < The first fiscal year >
The first fiscal year of the association is from the date of the Corporation established until 31st March, 2016.
10-4 < No matters to the Articles of Incorporation >
For indefinite matters in this Articles of Incorporation shall be governed by the provisions of all the law of General incorporate and other laws and regulations.
Judicial scrivener Mr. Keiichi Nagabuchi created the Articles of Incorporation for representative of the founding director Mr. Hiromichi Kanke and two others for the establishment of the General Incorporate PLAJA.
12th Sep, 2015

Directors at the time of establishment
Mr. Hiromichi Kanke
3-15-23 #201 Nishi Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi, Saitama
Mr. Keisuke Kagemoto
7-4-4 Matsue, Edogawa, Tokyo
Mr. Hajime Ohno
30 Shimo, Fussa, Tokyo, c/o Yoshida

Articles of Incorporation creating agent
Judicial scrivener Mr. Keiichi Nagabuchi
1-15-17 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo