Indian Ocean tsunami victims 13th memorial service

5th November 2017 – Nonprofit Organization PLAJA (NPO PLAJA), We Plaja held memorial service for Indian Ocean tsunami victims and Wold Tsunami Awareness Day.

on the day of the world tsunami established in the United Nations in 2015, a memorial service for the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami that occurred in 2004.

This year also the bereaved families participated, and they supported the Japan Buddhist Federation, Nichiren shu monks.

And, from “Niko Noko Foundation”, it was established to gift children of Phuket a “leaf stamp” made by children of Ishinomaki.
and to do day care of children who lost their parents by the 2004 tsunami, “Child Watch Phuket”, the plan to create “leaf stamps” by children in Phuket was also held.

At the charity party, as a place of cultural exchange between Japan and Thailand, the support of the Japan Foundation, we held a charity concert by “Koto” Performer Ms.Noriko Tsuboi, and inform a Japanese culture for Thai people who joined.