Report: Activities in Japan from Mr.Kanke

Returning to Japan

So Long time… I returning to japan at middle of April.
At the Changing spring to summer.

I`m working of personal and meeting to my good partners, and also mayor of Ito City.

As the first time visit at Ito City by train.
Feel so quick from Tokyo to Ito City.

kanke201705-1With Mr.Tsukuda and Mr. Tatsuma
kanke201705-2Robby in Kawana Hotel
With the Mayor, We talking about
future communication plan for Ito City and Phuket. And we NPO has what can part? and what can do?
I`m very Lucky! because good SASHIMI and Coffee at Good Hotel! And Good Hot spring!
Next, I`m going to Japan Buddhist Federation. Japan Buddhist Federation has big support for our memorial service.

There are have a office in SHIBAURA. It is famous the temple.
I met to Secretary general Mr.Kuki.
He so busy, but he made the time for me. Thank you so much!

kanke201705-3Japan Buddhist Federation Mr.Kuki

And Visited at Nico Nico foundation and met to chairman Ms.Asano .
It is provide of soap for Child without a habit of washing hands in the world.

We were small assist for the project in Phuket.
I requested visit to Phuket and Thank you.

Mr.Asano and Mr.Fukuda with Ms.Todaka from PLAJA

director meeting 2017Left:Mr.Horiuchi, Ms.Todaka, Mr.Kanke, Mr.Kobayashi, Mr.Ohno, Mr.Kagemoto, Mr.Komakine
Absence(Mr.Saito, Ms.Tanaka)
Last one, Board of directors and dinner.
We started NPO PLAJA at two years ago.
We were confirm about basic policy and next step too.
Also, It is very very happy and great meeting the time!


to be continued  NPOPLAJA President : Hiromichi Kanke