Report: Activities in Japan from Mr.Kanke ④

On a certain day in Jun. I met to Mr.Kazuki Yamanaka. He is representative at japan Fruit Bearers Ministries  (

Fruit Bearers Ministries, It is an American organization in Washington.

The  Fruit Bearers Ministries is a volunteer group and they has long history and active mainly in the Philippine.


*Education and living support activities.

I want to know about “how is a real activity?”. Because this is good study for NPO PLAJA.


Left: Mr. Kazuki Yamanaka

Mr. Yamanaka also take part in the management at GENE Tokyo Clinic.

They are working to Cancer gene therapy.

Interview video by CHIBA Television.

We agreed to continue of information share and discus.

10 Jun. Today`s meeting in KAWAGUCHI at main place of NPO PLAJA.

The person is  Mr. Masahiro Ogawa. His active in disaster areas in TOHOKU.


We have common point at disaster area.

Beacuse TOHOKU and Phuket are have been disaster.

We make sure good relationship and support too.



Left: Mr. Masahiro Ogawa

You know “MIRAIGAR”?

It is Hero in TOHOKU and it was broadcast on TV in Thailand.


The “MIRAIGAR” was born from one of Planing company in AKITA-KEN.

The company name is “SEIGI NO MIKATA” that mean just ” Hero of Justice”.

Mr. Kohei Takahashi. He is join about “MIRAIGAR” project.

He also Waseda University graduate student too.

I`m very affected form his passion. I hope make some working with him.


Left: Mr. Kohei Takahashi

strike a pose for this picture!

He will visit at Thialand until July to two month.

He will visit Thialand from july until two month.

We can watch to MIRAIGAR with Mr. Kohei Takahashi in Thailand soon! NPO PLAJA also will be Hero for Thailand kids!?

Last Report in SHIN-JYUKU. Mr. Ikuma Yamada ( )  President of Bond Inc.

His routs is photographer.

So, His contents are good reputation.

We will share the active point with we NPO PLAJA activity.


bond inc ( )

President Mr. Ikuma Yamada

It`s Finish about My Report. Thank you.