NPO PLAJA has held a memorial service of the Indian Ocean tsunami victim every year at Phuket since 2008.

After 10 years from the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2014.
In memorial service of the 10th anniversary, we discussed with the bereaved family and related person about continued management of the memorial monument.
There are also maintenance and management expenses, responsibility of management, aging of bereaved families etc.

However, at that time, we were not NPO yet.

In the future, it was concluded that the establishment of NPO is necessary to continue the memorial monument management and memorial service.
As a result, we started activities for the establishment of NPO and were certified as NPO in February 2016.
In the during the activities up to the establishment.

The 12 th Asian Disaster Reduction Meeting was held in Phuket in January 2016
Cabinet Office of Deputy Director also was join from japan.
Also involved and an exchange meeting on disaster prevention with the PLAJA was held.
And the “November 5 World Tsunami Day” resolved at the United Nations in December 2015 caught up in the topic It was.

After that, the NPO PLAJA was established.

As a project of the first year of establishment, I found the significance for holding a memorial service memorial service on the day of the world tsunami.

Thanks to the considerable donation and support of companies, organizations and individuals who agreed to the memorial service, we were able to hold a memorial service memorial service for the 13th anniversary of 2016 as a project for the first year of the establishment of NPO PLAJA.

And, also unchanged, November 5 (Sunday) this year, We will held the Indian Ocean tsunami victims memorial service on the day of the world tsunami.

I would like to inform you and we need your donation and support.

Chairman Mr. Hiromichi Kanke

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