The monument for Indian Ocean Tsunami victims

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake occurred on 26 December with an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.
The Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquake devastated parts of Indonesia Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.
The disaster was the world’s deadliest tsunami, with over 230,000 people killed and half a million injured by the waves that battered the low-lying coast.
The damage of tsunami was observed at various places, the popular tourist resort of Phuket was badly hit, also have issued more than 5,000 victims in Phuket.
28 people of Japanese are included as its victims.
Activities to raise donations for the memorial erected was performed by the local Japanese volunteer.
The monument was established in 2005 at Kamala Beach in particularly damaged.
The land owner Ocean Group, provided the space at The Sunwing Kamala Beach Resort Hotel for constructing the monument with free of charge.

Plaja is holding the memorial service on 26 December in each year with support by Indian Ocean Tsunami victims bereaved families association and Sunwing / San prime Kamala Beach Resort, Ocean Group.



It has been 10 years since the Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquake occurred.
We do not forget the nature of the threat of tsunami as a lesson,
We will continue to represent the memorial to the victims of Indian Ocean Tsunami regardless of nationalities or religions.

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