Life counseling for pension refugees or a retirement plan

Are you suffering with being a pension refugee? Or do you have apprehensions of age?

It is difficult to live in Japan within the current pension payments nowadays.
However, if you go to other countries where things are cheap, you can live well with your pension.
I think there are many people who got this idea to immigrate abroad.
Also Here Phuket, there are people who got a retirement visa and settle down for their old age.
After the change of government in 2012, the relation of Thai baht and Japanese yen went down \1= 0,29 B from \1= 0,38 B.
The exchange rate is \1 = 0,27 B in 2015 currently.
To apply a retirement visa, It requires proof that the pension payments to meet 800,000 baht.
Even though the person who got a retirement visa by the pension payments in 2012, the next year had less than 800,000 baht in the fluctuation of currency exchange.
Although it can be collateral the bank balance certificate in Thai bahts as for shortage of money.
This problem is not only for people applying a retirement visa but also pensioners who it has been credited to baht-denominated account,
once it decreased the amount to be paid at the exchange rate will not mean Thailand is things cheap country.
In addition, such as medical expenses is expensive, there is also a language problem.
Even when you become sick you are not able to pay the medical expenses, it could fall into a situation even want to return own country but have no money.

Incoming money is not constant.
Outgoing money will go a certain amount in terms of living.
When you become sick the money goes out more.

Is not in your current circumstance pension refugee or old age refugee?
Is not in the brink of problem?

Please consult PLAJA such as improvement of the living environment.
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