Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Sets donation boxes | Special Thanks to Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket
On 29th November 2016, Phuket Thailand – Non-Profit Organization PLAJA has set donation boxes at Bangkok Hospital Phuket.
These donation boxes are for the support through the organization to the affected areas caused by the earthquake / tsunami that are occurring in various parts of the world.
left side:Mr.Savanai Nilwan (Head of International Medical Service)
right side:Mr.Hiromichi Kanke(NPO PLAJA President)

We appreciate that Bangkok Hospital Phuket gives great support to PLAJA that began activities as an NPO since February 2016 and it became the first donation box installation.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is located on one of the world’s finest beach destinations, the hospital is the International Hospital in Thailand with a wide range of healthcare services including surgical and They had been certification by JCI (Joint Commission International).
There are also full time interpreters with your mother languages.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

(Center:Ms.Hiroko Takase)

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

(left side:Ms.Mari Koda)

The donation boxes are located at 1F lobby and two places on second floor.
PLAJA would continue to promote the installation of donation boxes and will promote donation activities to affected areas.

donation box


donation box


We would appreciate if you could endorse our views and help to set donation boxes. Click here.

Special Thanks|Bangkok Hospital Phuket

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