First Donation Boxes|President’s discourse 29/Nov/2016

Non-Profit Organization PLAJA has set the first donation boxes at Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

These donation boxes are to ask for the support through the organization to the affected areas caused by the earthquake or tsunami that are occurring in various parts of the world.  

Phuket was also devastated area by tsunami in December 2004.
We, NPO PLAJA, are one of organization which have been maintaining the Memorial Monument and Memorial Service in every year since the Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred on 26th December 2004.

I personalee thought there is not only phuket but also various area where earthquake- devastated district in the world, so that we have changed the memorial service date to 5th November that is enacted as the World Tsunami Day under the United Nations.  

This is the first small step to help people who suffering with difficulties by disaster.
However NPO PLAJA is quite fresh organization although we are passionate to make action for helping the people.

Please look forward to our PLAJA activities!

Special thanks for helping to install donation boxes to
Ms. Chawalin, Ms. Lee, Mr. Tony, Ms.Hiroko, Ms. Mari, Ms. Junko, Ms Chinami, Mr. Saito

Non- Profit Organization President: Hiromichi Kanke