Sets donation boxes | Special Thanks to S4 NAIYANG BEACH PHUKET

On Jun 2017, Phuket Thailand – Non-Profit Organization PLAJA has set donation boxes at S4 NAIYANG BEACH PHUKET.

There is very close from Phuket international airport.

And the location is very very nature rich!

You can unleashed from real! and enjoy for your private time!


Report: Temporary return home after from Mr.Kanke

I have good satisfaction and got inspired in this time temporary return trip.

In the time, I listen a lot of time  “Hey! What do you do? No need volunteer for someone, because need more volunteer for me!”

I know about the situation of economy in japan.
Maybe, In this generation is You do best for yourself only.

So… Yes. Become impoverished province area and no chance…
Of course. I have no idea. I`m very small.

But if collect a small persons, after will be change to big power.
I think if we can do that, we can help and support for some one also society too.

And if we have a more communications, we can make more good life too.

“Do something for something other than yourself”

It is difficult at individual, but group is possible. It is good or no`t i dont know, Example sardines or locusts…

We are start to try.

Do something with us?

At last, I want to say Thank you very much for making time in your busy schedule and your kindly.

Are you join us?

Contact usお問い合わせ

NPO  PLAJA : President Mr.Hiromichi  Kanke

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PLAJA メンバー









Sets donation boxes | Special Thanks to Art Patong Residence

On 19th Jun 2017, Phuket Thailand – Non-Profit Organization PLAJA has set donation boxes at Art Patong Residence.

There is a best location in Phuket. Patong Beach, it is a main beach in phuket.
Art Patong Residence, the location is center of Patong beach and shopping area also very near too.
The hotel is popularity about cleanliness and reasonable!


Report: Activities in Japan from Mr.Kanke ④

On a certain day in Jun. I met to Mr.Kazuki Yamanaka. He is representative at japan Fruit Bearers Ministries  (

Fruit Bearers Ministries, It is an American organization in Washington.

The  Fruit Bearers Ministries is a volunteer group and they has long history and active mainly in the Philippine.


*Education and living support activities.

I want to know about “how is a real activity?”. Because this is good study for NPO PLAJA.


Left: Mr. Kazuki Yamanaka

Mr. Yamanaka also take part in the management at GENE Tokyo Clinic.

They are working to Cancer gene therapy.

Interview video by CHIBA Television.

We agreed to continue of information share and discus.

10 Jun. Today`s meeting in KAWAGUCHI at main place of NPO PLAJA.

The person is  Mr. Masahiro Ogawa. His active in disaster areas in TOHOKU.


We have common point at disaster area.

Beacuse TOHOKU and Phuket are have been disaster.

We make sure good relationship and support too.



Left: Mr. Masahiro Ogawa

You know “MIRAIGAR”?

It is Hero in TOHOKU and it was broadcast on TV in Thailand.


The “MIRAIGAR” was born from one of Planing company in AKITA-KEN.

The company name is “SEIGI NO MIKATA” that mean just ” Hero of Justice”.

Mr. Kohei Takahashi. He is join about “MIRAIGAR” project.

He also Waseda University graduate student too.

I`m very affected form his passion. I hope make some working with him.


Left: Mr. Kohei Takahashi

strike a pose for this picture!

He will visit at Thialand until July to two month.

He will visit Thialand from july until two month.

We can watch to MIRAIGAR with Mr. Kohei Takahashi in Thailand soon! NPO PLAJA also will be Hero for Thailand kids!?

Last Report in SHIN-JYUKU. Mr. Ikuma Yamada ( )  President of Bond Inc.

His routs is photographer.

So, His contents are good reputation.

We will share the active point with we NPO PLAJA activity.


bond inc ( )

President Mr. Ikuma Yamada

It`s Finish about My Report. Thank you.

Report: Activities in Japan from Mr.Kanke ③

In the day, i visited at NICHIREN-SHU.

NICHIREN-SHU is always very kind and helpful for us in Tsunami memorial service.

I`m first time at IKEGAMI station.
This area is famous of temple.
So, solemn atmosphere it is.

IKEGAMI has two famous temple.


I did`nt know that….


From station and walking about few mins. Main office of NICHIREN-SHU is there.

Mr.TOMIKAWA waiting in the lobby and very smile for me.
Me also very happy and waving my hand at him.

Today`s My purpose is to collect a donation for Tsunami memorial service.

Thank you very much for your positive answer.

And i have one more thing. how to show about japanese culture in dinner party of Tsunami memorial service.

Established PLAJA has two year`s anniversary in this year.

Established PLAJA has two year`s anniversary in this year.
I hope more good performance compared to last year and will be co working and good relationship between thailand and japan.

And we promised to meeting again in phuket.


Left:Mr.Hajime Ohno(PLAJA) ・Mr.Hiromichi Kanke(PLAJA) ・Mr.Daisuke Tomikawa(NICHIREN-SHU) ・Mr.Takuya Shounaka(NICHIREN-SHU)

Mr.TOMIKAWA. Thank you for giving us your valuable time!

Report: Activities in Japan from Mr.Kanke ②

In Jun. SANKEI Travel has a long history and relationship with Thailand and located in the center of Ginza. I met to The president Mr.Minoru Kaneko.

I requested about will be make good relationship and internatioal communication, it is purpas of NPO PLAJA.

The company staff also international. good smile and good service too.

(株) 産経旅行 の 金子 稔 代表取締役
(株) 産経旅行 の 金子 稔 代表取締役


From Thailand Staff


Right: Mr.Minoru Kaneko(President)

Next. translation of Japanese Animation Company in AKIHABARA. Mr.Nobuaki Fudetani, Director of Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy.

He is good understanding to about Thailand. we were discussion for exchange culture by Animation and Cosplay too.

I`m request for support PLAJA activity. It is enough time.

I hope please come and meeting again in Phuket at World Tsunami Day.


Left: Mr.Nobuaki Fudetani

ASAKUSA, There are like a downtown. SHITAMACHI-GURENTAI they are very love to downtown and dance.

The president Mr.Shigeyuki Ooki. he collect friend and make to good community.

And They hope inform to world about culture of EDO (EDO: Name of old Tokyo) and local culture in Downtown.

I wish will be make a good collaboration to SHITAMACHI-GURENTAI and NPO PLAJA.


Left: Mr Shigeyuki Ooki


Mr.Ooki`s Friend in Party of SHITAMACHI-GURENTAI

To be continue Mr.Hiromichi Kanke from NPO PLAJA

Report: Activities in Japan from Mr.Kanke

Returning to Japan

So Long time… I returning to japan at middle of April.
At the Changing spring to summer.

I`m working of personal and meeting to my good partners, and also mayor of Ito City.

As the first time visit at Ito City by train.
Feel so quick from Tokyo to Ito City.

kanke201705-1With Mr.Tsukuda and Mr. Tatsuma
kanke201705-2Robby in Kawana Hotel
With the Mayor, We talking about
future communication plan for Ito City and Phuket. And we NPO has what can part? and what can do?
I`m very Lucky! because good SASHIMI and Coffee at Good Hotel! And Good Hot spring!
Next, I`m going to Japan Buddhist Federation. Japan Buddhist Federation has big support for our memorial service.

There are have a office in SHIBAURA. It is famous the temple.
I met to Secretary general Mr.Kuki.
He so busy, but he made the time for me. Thank you so much!

kanke201705-3Japan Buddhist Federation Mr.Kuki

And Visited at Nico Nico foundation and met to chairman Ms.Asano .
It is provide of soap for Child without a habit of washing hands in the world.

We were small assist for the project in Phuket.
I requested visit to Phuket and Thank you.

Mr.Asano and Mr.Fukuda with Ms.Todaka from PLAJA

director meeting 2017Left:Mr.Horiuchi, Ms.Todaka, Mr.Kanke, Mr.Kobayashi, Mr.Ohno, Mr.Kagemoto, Mr.Komakine
Absence(Mr.Saito, Ms.Tanaka)
Last one, Board of directors and dinner.
We started NPO PLAJA at two years ago.
We were confirm about basic policy and next step too.
Also, It is very very happy and great meeting the time!


to be continued  NPOPLAJA President : Hiromichi Kanke

Report:Board of Directors

On 26th May 2017 – NPO PLAJA held the 2017 Board of Directors in Tokyo.

As the activity report for latest year and the future activity policy, we will develop the business of through regional collaboration main on tourism and disaster prevention.

meeting participant: Mr.Kanke, Mr.Ohno, Mr.Kagemoto, Mr.Kobayashi, Mr.Komakine, Mr.Horiuchi, Ms.Todaka