Sets donation boxes | Special Thanks to @Home Boutique Hotel Patong

On July 2017, Phuket Thailand – Non-Profit Organization PLAJA has set donation boxes at @Home Boutique Hotel Patong.

@Home Boutique Hotel Patong is Main Beach of Phuket in Patong Beach.

The location is center of Patong and best for any access for you.



Report: Activities in Bangkok from Mr.Kanke ④

Last Report 2017/7/19 To Bagkok

Next is YOMIURI News Bangkok.

Mr.KODAMA was back to Japan already.
So, Today`s appointment is New Person, Mr.Sunahama.
But He was not in Office today.
And Mr.OOSHIGE too.

However We have gift for them. Of course! it is original T-shirt of World Tsunami Awareness Day.

YOMIURI News Bangkok, Always Interview to our memorial service.

I want to say Thank you so much.

We were complete mission on This time!
But Still we have a few time.

I`m made schedule, Visited at Mr.HASHIMOTO from SiamHoliday.
It was working in Phuket.

We met to him, and e have been happy time with him.
And also we give to him, about original T-shirt of World Tsunami Awareness Day again.

My report is over.

Only Two night three days.
But I got feel so happy and very Quality time.

After, We arrival at Phuket.
We fell so good in the mid night with Mr.Saito.

We NPO PLAJA has will continue as much as possible activities to like a bridge, Between Thai and Japan. The keyword are “children”,”future”,”world” and “peace”.

Please kindly support for us.
And Please join our Event of memorial service and Dinner Party on 5th Nov 2017.

When you request, we will send letter of invitation.


Mr. Hiromichi Kanke


2017/7/19 To Bagkok

Day 2nd in Bangkok

No`t so good condition for Walk around.
Because A little bit rainy in this morning.
Already no`t enough time!
We were quick breakfast and go!
SAITO was eat good. May be still yang.

As First, we were visited KYODO NEWS in Silom Complex Building.
Mr.CHIKAZAWA (Chief Asian Correspondent) was came to Phuket at latest memorial service.
I already met to him one time.

And He have own opinion of Change day for Memorial service.
Actually TSUNAMI Memorial day is 26/Nov, Event not easy to change to day of 5/Nov World Tsunami Awareness Day.

Of course, It is no`t so easy.
We also understand.

But in reality, more than ten years already and bereaved families are aging.
Also, Every costs to high and most busy for every business in Phuket. Because 26/Dec is  High Season in Phuket.
Air Ticket from Japan, Hotel fare, everything….
It is so bad timing for invite to attendant.

Most important thing from bereaved families.
Keep mind of TSUNAMI Disaster and open memorial service.
So, actually day 26/Dec, Only small memorial service still I`m open by my self.

And This year will exchange friendship from ISHINOMAKI in JAPAN and Phuket.
ISHINOMAKI Childrens will try Reaf Stamp and make Flag of Japan and Thai.

Mr.CHIKAZAWA will back to japan soon, New person Ms.INOUE Introduction for us.

I feel sad and want to next destination.

Left: Mr.Moriyasu Chikazawa

Nest BANGKOK SHUHO in Silom.


But, Mr.Kurabayashi is not in office today. We visited and give to our original T-shirt of World Tsunami Awareness Day only.

Lunch time with Mr.ISODA(Secretary General) of Japanese Association in Thailand.

I have been met to him. But After start NPO PLAJA at first time.
We hope advice for us, Because Japanese Association in Thailand have a lot of Experience and Achievements.
We will be make good relationship with good lunch!
What is different?  Japanese Association in Thailand and NPO PLAJA.
Japanese Association is only for Japanese, And NPO PLAJA is International exchange from Any kind People.

But We do`t Know how to do? So, Japanese Association in Thailand is Big man!
They have good idea for us.

Left: Mr.Hiroyuki Isoda (Secretary General)

We shot again with our original T-shirt of World Tsunami Awareness Day.

Report: Activities in Bangkok from Mr.Kanke ②

2017/7/18 To Bangkok

In the Lunch Time with Mr.INOUE(Executive Managing Director) from Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok.

I`m little bit nervous, because first time met to him.
But he is very friendly! I feel so happy!

Before we have big support for memorial service from Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok.

Of course, We can no`t say “please help for us again”. Because we have long time from TSUNAMI disaster.
We are not same, But we will activity continue in Thailand.
I hope to keep good communication and relationship too.

Right: Mr. Tsuyoshi Inoue(Executive Managing Director) from Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok.

And shot again with our original T-shirt

Afternoon first, We visited at NHK General Bureau for Asia.

We met to Mr.FUJISHITA(Bureau Chief)

Mr.FUJISHITA, He have been TSUNAMI disaster 2004 in Banda Aceh!
So, He know destroyed city.

We explained about change day of memorial service at 5/Nov and hope help us something.

Still not fix about event of Memorial service, Something event From ISHINOMAKI that is get damage of TSUNAMI disaster.
Also, From Phuket will make something event for ISHINOMAKI too.
Thailand and JAPAN, Such us good communicated. This is we PLAJA hope it.

We want to say “very Thank you” for Mr.FUJISHITA.

Right: Mr. Wataru Fujishita (Bureau Chief) NHK General Bureau for Asia

Shop with Original T-shirt again!

And Today`s Last at AJINOMOTO.
AJINOMOTO was big support for us.
Memorial service, Kid`s Day Event, etc.

But Mr.KURASHIMA(President) was not in office.
I give to PLAJA`s Brochure and Original T-shirt and today`s our activity was end.

to be continued


Report: Activities in Bangkok from Mr.Kanke

2017/7/18 To Bangkok

I`m in Bangkok. It came after a long time.
Bangkok, The place is not near for me.

This time purpose is want the world know for widely.
So, We will visit at Press coverage and Government agency with Mr.Saito.

In Bangkok is Cloudy and Sultry. No window.
When we walk, Became sweat.

We were started from Victory Monument.

Wow! Mr.NAGAMATSU is Good looking Guy!

We were talking about PLAJA and our plan.
And I took a photo to commemorate with our original T-shirt of World Tsunami Awareness Day.

Left: Mr.Yujiro Nagamatsu

He Will be transfer the working location at Korea soon.
I`m Very sad…

Next we visited at Japan Foundation.

This is our important purpose about cultural exchange for such us Japan and Thai.
Japan Foundation was a lot of very good suggestion for us.

And Mr.YOSHIAOKA(Director General) also good looking guy too!

I`m thinking about PLAJA`s goal and deep emotion too.
Because Mr.YOSHIOKA And Ms.TOMITA, Very Kindly talking and have a good idea a lot.

Also Mr.YOSHIOKA introduced Ms.NAKAJIMA for us.
She have been working about disaster prevention relation.
Phuket also before TSUNAMI disaster place.
I hope good suggestion for us about disaster prevention relation too.

Front left: Ms.Chigusa Tomita Mr.Norihiko Yoshioka Rear left: Mr.Saito Mr.Kankerow

Here also I took a photo to commemorate with our original T-shirt of World Tsunami Awareness Day.

To be continued