Exchange opinions on disaster prevention with Mr. Masao Nishikawa, Vice-Minister for Disaster Management.

On 29 Feb 2016- Phuket, Thailand – NPO Corporation Plaja held an opinion exchange meeting on disaster prevention with Cabinet Office, Government of Japan Mr Masao Nishikawa Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination and Mr. Kazuaki Sakurada Disaster Preparedness, Public Relations and International Cooperation, who attended the 12th Asian Conference of Disaster Reduction which was held in Phuket.

The 12th Asian Conference of Disaster Redution was carried out at Dusit D2 Patong, Phuket on 25th and 26th Febuary 2016.

The conference was attended Mr. Masao Nishikawa Cabinet Secretariat and Mr. Kazuaki Sakurada Chief examiner of Cabinet Office companies such as business continuity from Japan, from The Embassy of Japan in Thailand Mr. Hitoshi Kozaki International organazation Director and Mr. Toru Adachi First Secretary and other.

On 26th Feb 14:30 After the conference, they visited over the memorial monument of Indian ocean Tsunami for worship.
After worshipping for the memorial monument, we were allowed to have an opinion exchange to explain the situation that Tsunami disaster occurred and the subsequent reconstruction status, etc.
In this opinion exchange meeting attendance, Mr. Withawat Kasayapanand from Ocean Resort Group, who is brother of director of Plaja Mr. Wissut Kasayapanand, and Mr. Prabhjote Sethi Director and Mr. Hajime Ohno Vice Director, the wife of Mr. Hiromichi Kanke Director, Mr. Osamu Saito PR from Plaja.


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