Distribute Post card to members


Distribute Post card to members

On 27th Dec 2015, Phuket Thailand – PLAJA sent post card to people and companies that supported for the memorial service for Indian Ocean Tsunami Victims in past years and absent of absent from the 11th anniversary of Indian Ocean Tsunami Victims at 27th December, 2015.
Next time will be the thirteen anniversary of Indian Ocean Tsunami victims death which is based on the traditional Japanese system.
We would like to inform you when the date gets closer.
We would much appreciate your attendance for the ceremony if circumstances permit

President Hiromochi Kanke
General incoporate PLAJA

PLAJA made a courtesy visit the Embassy of Japan in Thailand of the third year HR report.

On 2nd Jun 2015 at 11:00 Bangkok, Thailand – PLAJA made a courtesy visit on Ambassador Mr. Shiro Sadoshima, the Embassy of Japan in Thailand, for the new fiscal year of HR report.

< Participants for the meeting >
The Embassy of Japan in Thailand: Ambassador Mr. Shiro Sadoshima, Counsellor Consular Department Mr. Masaharu Takeuchi
Attended by PLAJA: Vice Chairman Mr. Hiromichi Kanke, Executive Mr. Hajime Ohno, Executive Mr. Taishiro Miyauchi

We were honored to have a great meeting with Ambassador Mr. Sadoshima and Counsellor Consular Department Mr. Takeuchi.
It was grateful by having the precious time to hear the Mr. Sadoshima’s experience of 40M depth diving in his old days.
Also, We were deeply impressed by their kindness and appreciated to make the time for us even though they were in the busy schedule.


PLAJA made a courtesy visit the Embassy of Japan in Thailand of the third year HR report.

<Left:PLAJA Vice Chairman Mr. Hiromichi Kanke  Right:Ambassador Mr. Shiro Sadoshima>

HR report of the third period.

On 1st April 2015 Phuket, Thailand – PLAJA informs you that the appointment of executives of the third term.


Chairman Mr. Akira Tanaka (Former President of Indian Ocean Tsunami victims bereaved families association)
Vice chairman Mr. Hiromichi Kanke
Executive Mr. Hajime Ohno
Executive Mr. Wissut Kasayapanand (Ocean Resort Group Representative)
Executive Mr. Sethy Pravejothe
Executive Mr. Yoshikazu Honda
Executive Ms. Masami Thaiphankorson
Executive Mr. Taishiro Miyauchi
Executive Mr. Akira Komakine
Auditor Mr. Takeshi Saito (Lawyer)

The New Year Greetings from PLAJA.

Happy New Year, 2015.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for kind support and continued support.
At 26th December, the end of last year PLAJA held the 10th memorial service for Indian Ocean Tsunami victims at Sunwing Kamala Beach Resort, Phuket Thailand.
There were 14 people of bereaved 4 families and 10 related people from Japan, the ambassador Mr. Shigekazu Sato from the Embassy of Japan in Thailand and other people from Bangkok.
and there were over 80 people of Phuket residents attended the memorial service.
Also, The 10 monks from Japan Buddhist Association Nichiren sect were attendance to pray for the victims of Indian Ocean Tsunami.
You may have seen this event through the media, has been reported by both 6 major TV stations and Newspaper company in Japan and major TV stations from Thailand.
It was broadcasted to all around the world on that day.
Again, We would like to thank you to all attendance.
And we are appreciated to people and companies, organizations given us donation from Thailand or Japan.
We were able to carry out the great memorial service under your big support.

This year from now on, as the name of the sheep year in Oriental Zodiac, We wish the world is at peace.
PLAJA will be passed the Second term 4 years after its establishment and it will start the Third term from 1st April, 2015.
We would like to ask you look forward the activities of PLAJA in this year and we would very appreciated if we could have your advise and encouragement.
We hope you all the best in 2015.

Hajime Ono
Chairman of PLAJA