Child Watch Home への昼食支援を開始

On 1st Jul 2013, Phuket Thailand – PLAJA started the lunch support to Child Watch Phuket (CWP).

There is a childcare organization to the underprivileged children in Phuket.
There are some children who are victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami that occurred in 2004, or some children who need emergency help, shelter, food, clothes and rehabilitation.
CWP is the organization which create awareness on children’s rights and provide needy children with welfare and basic education.

We sympathize their activities at CWP so that we started lunch assistance.
At the time we visited, the girl of 2 years old who had been living with mother in prison although she would not be able to live with mother by the prison of age provisions, she just began her life in the CWP.

As PLAJA activities, we regularly continue to provide favorite foods for the children such as curry rice, sushi rolls, fried noodle, etc.

Child Watch Home: